pr-sealMessage from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico! Our Island is a perfect destination to enjoy traditions that bring families together during the Holiday season, and the perfect choice if you feel Christmas should last a little longer!

Our colorful holiday traditions start right after Thanksgiving. In January the celebration continues with “Three Kings Day” and ends with the world-famous “Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián”.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your stay with us!

Alejandro J. García-Padilla

prtc-logoWelcome Message from the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company

The Holiday Season infuses Puerto Rico with spirited fun. Winter is a glorious time to soak up the sun and delve in rich heritage. The Island is known to have the “longest Christmas season in the world” so chances are you’ll catch some of the fun no matter when you arrive.

We’re always ready to receive you with open arms and the ingredients for the five-star vacation of your dreams.

Enjoy your stay with us!

Ingrid I. Rivera-Rocafort