In every corner of the island, you will find something to do with your family, particularly with the kids. When planning your itinerary, take into account that our pleasant warm climate and the obviously festive atmosphere will be your best allies. And you can certainly enjoy beautiful, sunny beach days. What more could you ask for!

Indoor Entertainment

Easy-to-reach places with safe and accessible parking fall into this category that includes the following items. Go enjoy them right now!


Fun combined with education is the main purpose of these facilities that feature very interesting attractions.
Museo del Niño, Carolina (787-257-0261) Its more than 100 exhibits are housed in a two-level building that is full of fun, educational items, and more. The exterior has a go-cart track and a real plane that children can climb on and explore.
Luis A. Ferré Science Park, Bayamón (787-740-6868) It is an educational and recreational attraction that makes it possible for visitors to learn more about various branches of science in an interactive manner.
Wildlife Museum, San Juan (787-480-5440) It has about 200 species of animals from different parts of the world exhibited in exact replicas of their respective habitats.
Maritime Museum, Old San Juan (787-977-4461) It features a collection of objects related to the merchant marine and the sea.
Center for Caribbean Science and Technology (C3Tec) (787-653-6391) This is an exciting interactive attraction where adults and children will find the most exciting aspects of science at their fingertips. Regardless of age, everyone can actively participate in the exhibits, programs, and innovative events designed to provide simply sensational experiences.

Ice Skating

Did you know that in Puerto Rico—right smack in the tropics—you are able to go ice skating? If this is one of the activities in which you usually engage during the holidays back home, you can do it here as well! While in the area, make sure you also visit one of the nearby beaches.
Aguadilla Ice Skating, Aguadilla (787-819-5555)

Outdoor Enjoyment

Puerto Rico encourages you to enjoy its magnificent sites and places of interest. And if you do it as a family, then much better! Explore some of these options that are sure to captivate everyone.


While adults will bask in the beautiful greenery, kids will be able to interact with nature. These attractions offer entertainment for children as well as beautiful spots that adults will enjoy immensely. Plus, you’ll have tons of opportunities to take great photos and videos!
Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden (787-653-8990) The extensive variety of tropical plants happily coexist with works of art. The site also has a small lake, stream, lagoon where you can pedal boats, and a replica of a local farm.
Río Piedras Botanical Garden, San Juan (787-758-9957) Its more than 289 cuerdas of land are home to over 30,000 plants. Visitors will admire the lakes, waterfalls, trails, sculptures, native species, and endangered species on-site.
San Patricio Forest, San Juan (787-273-0722) Its trails full of vegetation are ideal for hiking, riding a bicycle, and skating.

Theme Parks

The great thing about these parks is that they feature a great variety of entertainment alternatives for everyone. Visitors will find everything from learning about the history of Puerto Rican sports and playing in water attractions to exploring trails.
Germán Rieckehoff Olympic Village, Salinas (787-824-2200)
Aquaventura, Coamo (787-424-5500)
Monte Frío, Bayamón (787-740-4005)
Surf’N Fun Water Park, San Germán (787-659-7440)
Ramey’s Skate & Splash Park, Aguadilla (787-890-7277)
Juliá de Burgos Park, Carolina (787-257-4635, 787-257-4388)
Parque Familiar, Jayuya (787-232-1731)
Arecibo Lighthouse & Historical Park, Arecibo (787-880-7540)
We suggest you call in advance to check out each site’s schedule.

Miniature Golf

Does any family member, especially the kids, have a penchant for golf? This could be the beginning of a great adventure.
Aguadilla Bowling Center & Mini Golf, Aguadilla (787-891-3495)
Fajardo Inn Resort, Fajardo (787-860-6000)
Fantasy Island Mini Golf (Rincón Inn), Rincón (787-823-7070)
Parque Familiar, Jayuya (787-232-1731)
Taíno Mini Golf & Café, Aguadilla (787-658-6480)

Bike Riding and Roller-Skating

Admiring nature from a bicycle or while roller-skating allows you to appreciate it from a different perspective. Wearing safety gear is highly recommended.
Piñones State Forest, Carolina (787-791-7750)
Juliá de Burgos Park, Carolina (787-257-4635, 787-257-4388)
Paseo Lineal del Río Bayamón, Bayamón (787-288-0562)
Julio Enrique Monagas Park, Bayamón (787-721-2800)
Muñoz Rivera Park, San Juan (787-721-2800)
Luis Muñoz Marín Park, San Juan (787-480-7777)

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Adventures

Perfect for those who enjoy riskier rides—but always complying with all safety rules—here are several options:
Frontier Adventures, Carolina (787-974-6717)
Carabalí Rainforest Park, Luquillo (787-889-5820)
Campo Rico Adventures, Carolina (787-629-0222)

Did Someone Say `Beach’?

A visit to Puerto Rico would be incomplete without going to one of our beautiful beaches—especially during this period of pleasant temperatures and bright sunny days! In our “Attractions” section, you will find beaches featuring Blue Flag certification by region. Enjoy your vacation!



By Sergio Sebastián Irizarry

Assisted by knowledgeable tour guides certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, you will discover the sites that mark the fascinating history of Puerto Rican Salsa. The journey includes visits to specialty collector-oriented record stores, monuments, and even the tombs of famous Salsa artists. You can also eat at the places they frequented. And if that weren’t enough, you will hear the fascinating stories of the genre’s greatest interpreters and their hits, and also visit the places where they once lived.

One story, two ways of learning more

a-salsa-journey-image-03The Salsa Route currently features two destinations. The first tour—called “De Barrio Obrero a la 15”—covers San Juan’s Santurce neighborhood and includes the following attractions: Las Americas Park Sports Complex, the mosaic in honor of Tite Curet, Placita de los Salseros (Salsa Artists Square), Rafael Cepeda Foundation, San José Cemetery, Ismael Rivera Foundation, the former residence of Tito Rodríguez, the Walk of Fame at Plaza Ventana al Mar, Placita de Santurce (Produce Market), Trastalleres Cultural Center, the Conservatory of Music, La Cerra Musical record store, Cerra Street, La Esquina Watusi bar, and the Salsa Museum.

The second tour—called “Calle Luna, Calle Sol”—focuses on Old San Juan sites. Places you can visit and take pictures include: the Popular Culture Foundation, the sculpture of Tite Curet Alonso in De Armas Square, Manuel Tisol antique home, the former home of Manuel Gregorio Tavárez, the Popular Arts and African Heritage halls in the Museum of the Americas, María Magdalena de Pazzi Cemetery, Ismael Rivera Square in La Perla neighborhood, the former residence of Giovanni Hidalgo, the former residence of Humberto Ramírez, Luna Street, Arturo Somohano Square, and souvenir stores on Fortaleza Street, among others.
For more details, visit Facebook/RutadelaSalsa. You can also call 787-721-2400, extension 1704, or send an email to

Go with the Pros

If you want to enjoy the route to the fullest extent, it is highly recommended you take a tour with a certified guide. Contact any of these professionals listed bellow to include one or both tours during your itinerary.

Alexis Agostini
787-459-5880 /

Ángel Bula
939-640-2659 /

Anthony Negrón
939-640-8080 /

Astacio Santiago
787-344-9133 /

CL Tours
787-414-2025 /

Christopher Vélez
787-550-3223 /

Félix González
787-717-5963 /

Héctor Sánchez
787-960-3060 /

Kenneth Rodríguez
787-485-0337 /

Leopoldo Rosso
787-210-2096 /
Marcos Hurtado

Modesto Velázquez
787-219-9829 /

Nelson Oliveras
787-996-4491 /

Omar Ruiz
787-391-0706 /

Rafael Quiles
787-566-0611 /

Salvador Castro
787-638-3755 /

Five Facts all Salsa Lovers Should Know

Salsa is the most-danced rhythm in the world.
• Puerto Rico is the ultimate exponent of Salsa worldwide and is the country that has generated the most Salsa artists.
• With a musical career spanning over 60 years, La Sonora Ponceña is one of the world’s oldest Salsa bands. Its founder, Quique Lucca, conducted the orchestra until his death at age 103, making him the musician with the longest career in the tropical genre.
• El Gran Combo is considered the world’s most famous Salsa orchestra. The many international awards received throughout its more than 50 years of musical history prove this fact.
• Marc Anthony, winner of several Grammy Awards, holds the Guinness record for being the tropical music lead singer who has sold the most albums in music history.


Let’s Dance!

There are many places where you can enjoy Salsa music. Hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs are great places for a free Salsa lesson. If you’re one of the people whose feet get going as soon as you hear the first chords, you will also find the right place to go dancing as well as the best days to attend.


Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort. 7012 Boca de Cangrejos Ave., Carolina / 787-791-0404 Friday and Saturday, 8:00 p.m.
InterContinental San Juan Hotel. 5961 Isla Verde Ave., Carolina / 787-791-6100 Friday, 10:00 p.m.
San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino Red Coral Lounge. 1309 Ashford Ave., Condado / 787-722-7000. Friday and Saturday, 8:00 p.m.

Clubs and Restaurants with a Salsa Ambiance

Blue Martini Paseo Caribe, San Juan. (35 Muñoz Rivera Ave., next to the Caribe Hilton hotel) / 787-923-5406. Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Code Bar & Lounge. 137 Roosevelt Ave., Hato Rey, San Juan / 787-225-5568. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:00 p.m.
La Factoría. 148 San Sebastián St., Old San Juan / 787-412-4251. Friday and Saturday evenings
La Neurona Pub & Restaurant. 983 Américo Miranda Ave., Río Piedras, San Juan / 787-754-7321. Monday and Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. (seasonal)
Mijani, The Club. 252 Dos Hermanos Ave., Placita de Santurce, San Juan. Thursday, 9:30 p.m.
Nuyorican Café. 312 San Francisco St., Old San Juan / 787-977-1276. Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 p.m.
Océano Bar & Lounge. 2 Vendig St., Condado / 787-724-6300. Free Salsa lessons on Tuesday, 10:00 p.m.
Overtime. K-6 San Patricio Ave., Guaynabo / 787-221-1010. Wednesday evenings
Restaurante Triana. 251 Recinto Sur St., Old San Juan / 787-725-8819. Free Salsa lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, 8:00 p.m.
Sal Pa’fuera. Plaza Shopping Center, Punta Las Marías, Isla Verde / 787-296-9665. Thursday, 8:00 p.m.
The A Bar & Lounge. 1412 Ponce de León Ave., Santurce / 787-922-5041. Thursday, 9:00 p.m.

To find other places that offer Salsa lessons, check out these Facebook pages: SanJuanEsSalsa, BayamónCiudadSalsera and EssenceDanceAcademy. You can also go to

Sit Back & Listen

Salsa lovers have an additional option: visiting a picturesque bar, sipping your favorite drink, and listening to Salsa classics of while chatting with your friends–or making new ones. Here are a few local bar suggestions:

Local Bars

El Adoquín del Patio. Tanca St., Old San Juan. Saturday, 5:00 p.m.
El Balcón del Zumbador. At the end of Barbosa Ave., Santurce / 787-728-6323 / Facebook/CambioEnClave. Friday and Saturday evenings
El Boricua. 5 Saldaña St., Río Piedras downtown area / 787-429-0260. Wednesday and Thursday evenings
Taberna Los Vázquez. Dos Hermanos St., Placita de Santurce / 787-996-2253. Wednesday to Sunday
El Coabey. S-2 1 St., Puerto Nuevo, San Juan / 787-297-2416. Thursday to Saturday, 8:00 p.m.
El Naza Pub. Puerta de Tierra neighborhood, Old San Juan. Weekend evenings
La Esquina Watusi. 1003 Cerra St., Santurce / 787-388-7434. Monday to Saturday afternoon and evening.
Los Almendros. PR169 at km 1.8, Camarones district, Guaynabo / 787-948–0959. Friday, 6:00 p.m.

Time for Everything

Are you entertaining the idea of creating a journey in which you can dance to your heart’s content, enjoy our delectable Puerto Rican cuisine, and learn more about Salsa? Then you will be pleased to know that there are packages available that include transportation, lodging, visiting the route, lessons, and a Salsa night tour! Learn more at Facebook/VancentiveGroup page Corp. and HB Travel.

To know a Place like the back Of your hand you must explore it during the day and also at night. Some things usually regarded as daytime activities—like going snorkeling or visiting the zoo— can be done at night to enjoy a different experience.

By Andrea Moya Muñoz

Beautiful Sunsets

Reward yourself with a unique opportunity: approaching the sunset. Bring in the evening by touring the tranquil waters while watching the coast. Many of the tours include drinks, food, and live music in their fare.


• Catamaran Salty Dog, 787-717-6378
• Erin Go Bragh Chartes, 787-860-4401
• Sailing Sun Charters, 787-307-1690
• Spread Eagle II, 787-887-8821
• Traveler Catamaran, 787-863-2821


• Katarina Sail Charters, 787-823-7245
• Taíno Divers, Rincón, 787-823-6429

San Juan

• Encantos Eco Tours, 787-272-0005
• Sail San Juan Bay, 787-667-7778
• San Juan Water Tours, 787-624-6295

San Juan y Fajardo

• East Island Excursions, 787-860-3434


• El Viequense Sea Tour, 787-741-4054
• Vieques Island PowerCat, 787-980-9978

On the Water

How about taking a family photo on a nighttime tour while standing on lit paddleboards? A must! If you prefer, you can take the tour on a kayak.


• IMS Sup, 787-324-1144


• WaterSports & Ecotours, 787-852-6058/787-209-5020

A Night Dive

If you are a diver and want a different kind of experience, sign up for a nighttime dive.


• Aquatica Dive & Surf, 787-890-6071


• Ocean Sports, 787-268-2329


• Culebra Divers, 787-742-0803


• Casa del Mar Dive Center, 787-860-3483
• Unlimited Divers, 787-645-4381
• Sea Ventures, 800-739-3483


• Island Scuba, 787-821-4373


• Papayo Divers Inc., 787-951-3014


• Rincon Diving & Snorkeling, 787-506-3483
• Scuba Dogs, 787-783-6377


• El Viequense Sea Tour, 787-741-4054/787-925-2101

On the Water

How about taking a family photo on a nighttime tour while standing on lit paddleboards? A must! If you prefer, you can take the tour on a kayak.


• IMS Sup, 787-324-1144


• WaterSports & Ecotours, 787-852-6058/787-209-5020

San Juan

• Vela Uno/SUP Inc., 787-470-9099

San Juan y Gurabo

• Paddle Paradise P.R., 787-469-3397

Nocturnal Heritage

Seeing iconic places and learning more about their legends and traditions may be part of the things that the whole family can enjoy after sundown.

• Aventu/ras Puerto Rico, 787-380-8481
San Juan

• Amador Island Tours, 787-397-1881
• Amigos Tours & Travel, 787-360-9398
• Legends of Puerto Rico, 787-605-9060
• Leisure Awakenings, 787-525-6905
• Old San Juan Heritage Walkings Tours, 787-723-3848

Bioluminescent Bays

Three of the world’s permanent and brightest bioluminescent bays: rare spectacles of nature that are easily accessible in Puerto Rico.


• Eco Action Tours Bio Bay Tour, 787-791-7509
• Enchanted Island Ecotours, 787-888-2887
• Island Kayaking Adventures, 787-444-0059
• Kayaking Puerto Rico, 787-435-1665
• Las Tortugas Adventures, Inc., 787-809-0253
• Pure Adventure, 787-202-6551
• Yokahú Kayak, 787-604-7375


• Abe’s Snorkeling & Bio Bay Tours, 787-741-2134
• Bieque Eco Trips, Inc., 787-922-2701
• Black Beard Sports, 787-741-1892
• Blue Water Caribbean Adventures, 844-210-2922
• Island Adventures Biobay Electric Boat Tour, 787-741-0720
• JAK Water Sports, 787-644-7112
• Melaya’s Tours, 787-222-7055

Closer to the moon

Thanks to the tours that include zip line attractions, in Puerto Rico you can get closer to the moon and stars. You can have an experience you’ll cherish forever.


• Ecoquest Adventures & Tours, 787-529-2496/787-447-0700


• Toroverde Nature Adventure Park, 787-867-6606

El Yunque in the Evening

This marvel of nature has its own splendor at dusk. Evening tours are becoming increasingly popular among both tourists and locals. Get ready to appreciate the lush vegetation at day’s end! This is also a great opportunity to admire the nighttime beauty of the trails.


• AdvenTours, 787-530-8311

Río Grande

• Enchanted Island Ecotours, 787-888-2887

Zoo Night

Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo, located in Mayagüez, offers nighttime tours (July 23) where families can observe the animals’ behaviors. They also screen children’s movies and have kid-oriented activities. Call 787-834-8110 for dates and times.

Starry Nights

The Caribbean Astronomical Society sets up observation stations at various locations in Puerto Rico. In La Pitahaya, Cabo Rojo they will have a “Night of Observation Under Dark Skies” (June 4, July 2 and August 20), where you could see the Milky Way, Mars, and Saturn. If you prefer to go to the grounds of Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Old San Juan (July 9 and August 27), you can have a night of “Urban Astronomy Observation”. You can see Mars and Saturn thanks to special equipment that will be available on a complimentary basis. For details write to or call the following numbers: 787-464-5629, 787-602-4224 or 787-306-1087.

By Robert Colberg Orengo

Each spring, thousands of students and families from the continental United States select Puerto Rico as their perfect Spring Break destination.

And how could they not choose us, as unlimited fun is readily available on our island! Here you’ll find entertainment for everyone—including sun worshipers, art lovers, and even those who prefer to live unforgettable moments by conquering the challenges brought on by extreme sports.

Passive Entertainment

A walk through Old San Juan is a must! Centuries’ worth of tradition can be found within the walled city—and as you discover it you will be transported back in time to the days of the Spanish conquest. The colonial ambiance is particularly strong at El Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal. Do coordinate a visit to La Fortaleza, which together with the San Juan National Historic Site were declared a UNESCO

World Heritage site.

Idyllic Beaches

The vast majority of visitors prefer to allow the sun, sand, and sea to caress their skin. Popular beaches located in the western region are favored by those who enjoy surfing. However, beaches in the metropolitan area—as well as those located in the nearby islands of Vieques and Culebra—receive thousands of locals and tourists. Thanks to their impressive views and white sands, they are sure to become some of our visitors’ favorite spots.

Nature Encounters

Some people prefer to go inland to discover the wonders of Puerto Rico. Different tours to underground caves are available, as well as visits to countryside locales that are best enjoyed on foot or on bicycle tours. El Yunque National Forest, the Río Camuy Cave ParkToro Verde, and the Humacao Nature Reserve are some of the many outdoor options available. 


Whether in the lobby of a hotel, on a town square’s surroundings or any other place you prefer, in Puerto Rico you’ll find the perfect nighttime entertainment so that your Spring Break includes a good dose of partying. Visiting La Placita in Santurce or the bars in Old San Juan will allow you to mingle with the locals. Check out our Events section to see many alternatives. For more information, go to



  • Museum of Art of Puerto Rico– The structure is the perfect combination of traditional and modern influences. Touring the gardens is well worth it.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art– Featuring exhibits that give wings to the imagination of those who admire them.
  • Museo de Arte de Ponce– Located in the southern portion of the island, it is the home of the claimed Flaming June painting.

Nature & Adventure

  • Toro Verde– Its new attraction “El Monstruo” (“The Monster”) promises to raise the adrenaline levels of even the most courageous visitors.
  • Castillo Sightseeing Tours &Travel– The catamarans will turn you into the king or queen of the sea and master of all watersports.
  • Hacienda Campo Rico– If you prefer something less extreme but equally exciting, a horseback ride through a beautiful site is highly recommended. 

By Robert Colberg Orengo

Photos: Supplied

Children love discovering the wonders of the Island of Enchantment so parents have almost endless possibilities when it comes to keeping them entertained.

An excellent idea to entertain children is to create a themed road trip. For example, take a map of Puerto Rico, identify all the lighthouses found throughout the island, and set off on a driving expedition. You can also choose to visit local children’s museums. Old San Juan and Carolina have specialized museums most kids will love. There they will be entertained and have fun as they learn.

Get Creative

Use your imagination, take your children’s tastes and preferences into account, and create a fun journey together. Your morning can start with a stop at a historical place brimming with tales and anecdotes. The streets of Old San Juan offer a perfect setting as its colorful houses and colonial buildings are full of history.

wyndham-gran-rio-mar-beach-resort-and-spa_marianella-godoyHow about letting your little ones venture into the fascinating world of photography? Visit the town squares near your hotel and allow your kids to take pictures. At the end of your stay you can print the photos and make a scrapbook, allowing your children to share the experience with their classmates. Photographs can also be posted on social media for other family members and friends to enjoy.

Additional Options

At Museo del Mar (Maritime Museum), located in Old San Juan, you’ll find a collection of sea- and merchant marine-related objects. The Bayamón Science Park is an educational and recreational attraction that allows visitors to learn more about different branches of science in an interactive manner. Also, Luis Muñoz Marín Park, located in the heart of the San Juan metro area, is brimming with vegetation and possibilities for children to have a great time.

Check with your hotel or goto for suggestions on suitable venues for children who prefer more dynamic activities. There you will find everything from walking tours along the coast or up in the mountains to paddleboard classes and more.

Water-Based Fun

Who enjoys Puerto Rico’s warm climate the most? Kids, of course. So it’s no surprise that water attractions are among their favoriteparque-de-las-ciencias choices for having fun while visiting the island with their families.Many of our water parks have slides, crazy rivers, and other attractions that the whole family will enjoy. Some of them are:

  • Aquasol, Carolina (787-633-3457)
  • Las Cascadas, Aguadilla (787-819-5555, ext. 221)
  • Albergue Olímpico, Salinas (787-824-2200)
  • Surf N’ Fun Water Park, San Germán (787-659-7440)
  • Monte Frío, Bayamón (787-740-4005)
  • Arecibo Water Park, Arecibo (787-597-5257)
  • Parque Acuático Infantil, Humacao (787-622-5200)

In addition, some hotels feature swimming pools with extra attractions that their guests can enjoy:

  • Courtyard Marriott, Aguadilla (787-658-8000)
  • Coquí Water Park, El Conquistador Resort, Fajardo (787-863-1000)
  • Coco’s Park, Fajardo Inn (787-860-6000)
  • Mayagüez Resort & Casino (787-832-3030)

The following places combine water attractions with other fun activities:

  • Skateboard and Splash Park, Aguadilla (787-891-1460)
  • Parque Julia de Burgos, Carolina (787-710-9300)
  • Parque Familiar, Jayuya (787-232-1731)

By Elsa Fernández-Miralles

Photos: Supplied

Enjoy the unique San Sebastián Street festival

If you are planning to come to the island in January, you shouldn’t miss one of Puerto Rico’s most emblematic celebrations: the San Sebastián Street Festival. On Jan. 14-17, 2016, youngsters and adults will attend this festival that attracts thousands of people to Old San Juan—particularly to San Sebastián Street and surrounding areas—for a weekend full of customs, traditions, and numerous events.

It’s been said that this festival began in the 19th century. However, it wasn’t until the mid-20th century— specifically in 1954—that Father Juan Manuel Madrazo, the parish priest of San José Church in Old San Juan, organized it to raise funds intended to restore the church and the street itself.

When Father Madrazo was transferred to another parish outside San Juan, the festivities were suspended until Rafaela Balladares, who along with painter Antonio“Tony” Maldonado created the San Sebastián Street Residents Steering Committee, whose aim was to generate funds to help improve area residents’ quality of life.p-25-cred-pr-tourism-co

Balladares met with Ricardo Alegría, director of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, who told her to revive Father Madrazo’s former celebration. Balladares heeded the advice and in 1970 street residents held the first contemporary festival—which included a reveille, a Mass, the procession of the saint, a paintings exhibit, and a period ball. Local dishes and beverages were sold, and neighbors built the stage where musical acts were performed and the kiosks for the arts and crafts fair.

The cabezudos (festive big papier maché heads) seen during Father Madrazo’s time were replaced by others with closer links to Puerto Rican culture. Over the years, these festive heads—which represent different characters in popular culture—have become the symbol of the San Sebastián Street Festival.

Forty-five years later, the once-modest neighborhood celebration has become a grand annual event that attracts more than 500 artists and artisans and nearly half a million visitors. This year’s proceeds will go toward the cathedral’s restoration fund.

The festival begins on Thursday with a Mass in honor of San Sebastián. On Friday there is a cabezudos parade where historical tableaus come to life and we see representations of public figures as well as characters from our traditional stories. The parade ends at the San Juan Cathedral. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there are shows featuring popular singers and bands. During the weekend you can also enjoy all kinds of family-oriented entertainment—including arts and crafts exhibits, dancing, shows, and food and drink kiosks, among other options.

Since the festival’s attendance is just massive, local authorities provide transportation from specific spots near parking structures and lots, so people can hop on a trolley or other type of public transportation that will take them straight to the festival site. Your hotel can tell you what to do to avoid the dreaded traffic jams and provide tips on the best way to get to the festival.

We invite you to experience a unique celebration in Old San Juan. Wear cool clothing and comfortable shoes, and enjoy the eagerly awaited San Sebastián Street Festival with us!