Puerto Rico is full of adventures for children. Hundreds of years of history and culture translate into fun attractions. From any point on the map, you can find lots of different things to enjoy: Disco ver castles, zip lines, woods to explore, interesting museums and water parks.

On the Enchanted Island, the youngest in the family have many things to do. It just depends on your tastes and preferences because the options are at your fingertips. It’s the island of adventure come true!

Outdoor Amusement

Parque Agroturístico El Dorado is a large park with playgrounds equipped with slides, swings and more; a soccer field; and basketball and volleyball courts. Want your kids to experience what it’s like to be on a farm? Now you can thanks to El Dorado’s on-site animal farm. Science lovers will feel at home at the newly remodeled Luis A. Ferré Science Park in Bayamón. This is a popular attraction thanks to its museums, simulators, 4-XD theater, Aerospace Pavilion, robotic recreations (animatronics), and planetarium. Then there’s Villa Campestre, the place to have fun with animals and enjoy rides and a pool. Interesting spots within the Caguas Botanical Garden include the Casa Jíbara (Country Home) with its family garden, which will allow children to go back in time to our grandparents’ era. Furthermore, at the Río Piedras Botanical Garden you’ll see more than 30,000 plants and there are lakes, sculptures, and trails to explore. An encounter with nature that will allow kids to let their adventurous spirit run free!

A place that your kids will love is Old San Juan. Its castles, parks, museums and picturesque structures are waiting for them to have a good time while learning about our history and culture.

Fun Museums

In Children’s Museum, in Carolina, kids will be entertained and have fun as they learn. For more information go to Museums page. Those who are sports fans will find an impressive collection dedicated to Puerto Rican and Caribbean athletes at the Sports Museum of Puerto Rico in Guaynabo. Meanwhile, at the Sports Museum of Caguas they’ll learn about the feats of Caguas’ athletes and teams in various disciplines. And since 2016 is a world Olympics year, a visit to the Puerto Rico Olympic Museum in Salinas allows you to learn more about the 30 sports supported by the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee.

If your children love animals and nature, the Wildlife Museum should be a must on your list. Located in San Juan, there you’ll see some 200 mammals in their respective habitats. Educational tours offered by expert biologists are available.

Specialized Camps

If your children have an affinity for environmental care and protection-related issues, the Cuidadores del Planeta Camp is aimed at educating kids on the values of peace and saving the planet. Similarly, the Sierra Club’s Sprog Program in Jayuya, within Puerto Rico’s central mountain range, focuses on environmental training and leadership for youngsters who want to learn the necessary tools to make real changes on behalf of the environment.

Sports-oriented children, particularly those who prefer waterbased sports and fun, will enjoy the paddleboard clinics/camp in Aguadilla that teach basic skills, in addition to development and skills at competitive, recreational, and technical levels. Puerto Rico’s northwestern coast is ideal for this sport.

In the Metro Area, Scuba Dogs offers swimming and diving camps for kids from 8 years old. All of them include basic and advanced classes with navigation, underwater photography, rescue, environmentalism and night and more training. Also, Club Nautico’s Sailing Academy sponsors a program for kids as young as 6 who learn to sail aboard in a sailboat.

Water fun

Who enjoys Puerto Rico’s warm climate the most? Kids, of course. So it’s no surprise that water attractions are among their favorite choices for having fun while visiting the island with their families. Also, you can visit one of our water parks. Many have slides, crazy rivers, and other attractions that the whole family will enjoy. Some of them are:

• Aquasol, Carolina (787-633-3457)
• Las Cascadas, Aguadilla (787-819-5555, x 221)
• Albergue Olímpico, Salinas (787-824-2200)
• Surf N’ Fun Water Park, San Germán (787-659-7440)
• Arecibo Water Park, Arecibo (787-597-5257)
• Parque Acuático Infantil, Humacao (787-622-5200)

Puerto Rico has beautiful beaches that your children will enjoy to the fullest. Many are certified Blue Flag.

Remember to protect your kids’ skin —as well as your own— with plenty of sunscreen. Also, wear light and comfortable clothing.

Quick Reference

Forest and Parks

• Parque Agroturístico El Dorado, Dorado, 787-517-2258
• Luis A. Ferré Science Park, Bayamón, 787-740-6868


• Caguas Botanical Garden, 787-653- 8990 www.jardinbotanicoycultural.org
• Río Piedras Botanical Garden, San Juan, 787-758-9957 www.upr.edu/jardin-botanico


• Children’s Museum, Carolina, 787-257-0216
• Sport Museum of Puerto Rico, Guaynabo, 787-731-4923
• Sport Museum of Caguas, 787-746-2404 (Facebook: Museo del Deporte de Caguas)
• Puerto Rico Olimpic Museum, Salinas, 787-824-2200 www.albergueolimpico.com/servicios/museo-olimpico
• Wildlife Museum, San Juan,787-480-5440


• Cuidadores del Planeta Camp, Trujillo Alto, 787-307- 9894 cuidadoresdelplaneta@yahoo.com
• Sierra Club’s Sprog Program, Jayuya, 787-688-6214 www.sierraclub.org/youth/summersprog-training
• Paddleboard Clinics / Camp, Aguadilla, 787-546-1114 • www.facebook.com/westparadisepr
• Scuba Dogs, Guaynabo & Parque Marino del Escambrón, 787-783-6377 dive@scubadogs.net
• Club Náutico’s Sailing Academy, San Juan, 787-722-0177 www.nauticodesanjuan.com

More and more overseas couples choose Puerto Rico as their wedding destination. The beauty of our landscape, the wonderful weather, the easy wedding process and paperwork, and the quality of our local service suppliers turn the island into an ideal setting.

By Robert Colberg Orengo

Puerto Rico has so much to offer

-Wilmary and Stefan

“If serving good food is on your list of priorities, Puerto Rico is the destination!”

Wilmary and Stefan wanted to give their guests a real vacation as part of their weekend destination wedding. After considering several options in the Caribbean, they chose Vieques, Puerto Rico. “It was a great idea to have the wedding there because, in addition to a luxury location, we also had local atmosphere.”

For this couple residing in Manhattan, N.Y., the wedding’s food was a key aspect that was perfectly handled. “Puerto Ricans are very proud of their cuisine. If serving good food is on your list of priorities, Puerto Rico is the destination!”

Another detail to which Wilmary paid special attention was the ability to incorporate elements of Puerto Rican culture in the celebration. “We had excellent Puerto Rican food and a group of pleneros [a musical group that plays traditional rhythms]. Our guests were caught up in the island’s energy.”

Easy-to-reach destination

-Melissa and Jason

“Everything we dreamed for our wedding day came true in Puerto Rico!”

“Everything we dreamed for our wedding day came true in Puerto Rico!” said Melissa and Jason of North Augusta, South Carolina, when asked why they chose the island to host their wedding.

Another aspect that played a positive role in deciding to hold their event here was how easy it was for their guests to get to Puerto Rico. “Since no passport is required for U.S. citizens and you can find cheap plane tickets, it was very easy for our family and friends to get here. They all had a great time and also had the opportunity to explore different parts of the island,” Melissa recalled.

Her great experience with hired local suppliers is definitely worth noting. “Everyone worked to have the island’s beauty become part of our style.”

Endorsed Wedding Planners

When planning your big day, get in touch with any of the wedding coordinators endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Tell them your wishes and they will do their best to make them come true.

AMK Events, Anne Marie Kleis Weddings & Parties Inc.
787-721-1285 • www.amkevents.comamkevents@gmail.com

All Events P.R. • 787-556-8961

Chezelle Dezines Weddings • 787-919-0532

Creating Weddings Group • 787-225-4008

Krizia Díaz Event Planner & Designer
787-451-2475 • www.kriziadiaz.cominfo@kriziadiaz.com

Maité Canela • 787-397-2277
www.maitecanela.com • francachelapr@hotmail.com

María A. Lugo Wedding Planner • 787-548-5561

Milly Centeno Coordinators • 787-717-1808

Momentus Special Events & More • 787-391-1366

Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator • 787-533-7544

Tropical Weddings Puerto Rico • 787-671-1690

WedAffair (Gets/Grand Events) • 787-775-9500

Weddings by Silversilke • 787-633-5509

By Robert Colberg Orengo

Photos: Puerto Rico Tourism Company

As part of their travel plans, tourists should consider adding another item to their lists: visiting a casino. Besides being places where you try out your luck, Puerto Rico’s casinos have become excellent entertainment oriented locales.

Casinos’ formerly rigid atmosphere has turned into “a pleasant ambiance where visitors will be greeted with a smile and treated cordially, as they rightfully deserve,” said Ismael Vega, manager of Casino Sheraton Convention Center. “Unlike other destinations, the ambiance in the island’s casinos is more personal and friendly,” said Miguel Vega from the Hyatt Place Casino in Bayamón.

casino-2And so it is. In addition to the slot machines and gaming tables, visitors can find different forms of entertainment in local casinos.

Whether you are an avid gambler or a novice player, going to a casino is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Many casinos have their own bar, so your visit can begin with a house specialty drink. Feeling hungry? A light fare menu is available at an additional cost.

Everything from Dancing to Comedy

Entertainment alternatives are plentiful. At local casinos it’s possible to hear songs by a traditional folk music group, as well as catchy tunes by live salsa or merengue orchestras. Feel like dancing? Go right ahead! And if you need to learn, you can take the dancing lessons offered by some casinos. Want a good laugh? Casinos also frequently feature comedy shows.

“These are other offerings that appeal to people. Perhaps many of our visitors came to their hotel and never ventured into the casino. Now they see the bar, check out the ambiance, come in and stay because they find it quite appealing,” said Ismael Vega.

A Safe Environment

People attending a casino can rest assured that they will have a great time in a fun and, above all, very safe environment. “At the casino you can have fun, play, eat, and drink without leaving the premises,” Miguel Vega pointed out.


An Enchanting Jackpot!

Try your luck at the “Jackpot of Enchantment.” There are 84 special machines that allow players to vie for a prize of $20,000 or more with a 40-cent minimum and $2 maximum bet. The “Jackpot of Enchantment” machines are spread across 13 casinos throughout the island (see list below).casino-3

  • Sheraton Convention Center
  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • Wyndham Río Mar
  • Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar
  • Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real
  • Ponce Hilton Hotel & Casino
  • Ponce Plaza
  • Holiday Inn, Ponce
  • Mayagüez Resort
  • Holiday Inn, Mayagüez
  • Courtyard by Marriott, Aguadilla
  • Hyatt Place, Manatí
  • Hyatt Place, Bayamón

Five Reasons to Visit a Casino in Puerto Rico:

  1. Entertainment choices are plentiful: from live bands to comedy shows and sporting event broadcasts.
  2. In addition to the chance of winning at slot machines and gaming tables, casinos often hold raffles whose prizes include everything from trips to cars and cash.
  3. Casinos are excellent venues for social interaction.
  4. You can have fun, try your luck, and even grab a bite—all at a single location.
  5. You can play the “Jackpot of Enchantment” slot machines.