By Elsa Fernández-Miralles

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Say “I Do” at a romantic beach setting

Puerto Rico is a wonderful place in which to get married. There are countless wedding venues and many options for all tastes and budgets. How about a beachfront ceremony, surrounded by family members and your closest friends? Your dream wedding can be held anywhere on the island and at any time of the year. Need guidance about where, how, and how much? Stop worrying! Any of our endorsed wedding coordinators can help arrange your event.say-i-do-at-a-romantic-beach-setting-den-el-si-en-un-romantico-ambiente-playero-foto-suministrada

If you prefer a more conventional and/or traditional wedding in Puerto Rico, there are alternatives ranging from a small chapel to a spectacular church or temple of the couple’s chosen denomination.

Puerto Rico is also the perfect setting for theme weddings. You can say “I do” in Old San Juan’s historic atmosphere, amid the greenery of our unique rainforests or at charming countryside venues, among countless other alternatives. More adventurous couples can choose to marry in caves carved out by underground rivers or on a zip-line platform for an undeniably unique and adrenaline-filled ceremony.

In terms of reception venues, existing options are almost limitless: historic mansions, centuries-old forts, intimate antique churches, majestic mountains, hotel ballrooms, outdoor terraces, gazebos and pristine beaches in 5-star resorts with celebrity chefs. Puerto Rico is also perfect for the couple’s honeymoon as hotels throughout the island offer special-package deals for newlyweds. Talk to our wedding coordinators; they can also help you here.

Getting married in Puerto Rico is very easy—and certainly less complicated than in other destinations. Go to to learn more about local requirements. As of June 2015, couples of any gender or sex can get married in Puerto Rico.

Celebrate the happiest day of your life with us! For additional information about weddings in Puerto Rico, call 1-800-866-7827 toll free from the continental U.S. or Puerto Rico. From Latin America, the number is 1-800-981-7575. Representatives are available weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight and weekends and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight.

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If you decide to spend the Holidays in Puerto Rico or if your visit coincides with our long festive season, prepare to taste Puerto Rican cuisine’s most delicious dishes—a great fusion of flavors and colors from all the cultures that have had an influence on our island.

Our local cuisine is a blend of customs and traditions that has earned Puerto Rico a top echelon among renowned dining destinations. Our island is a destination where you’ll find excellent food—and if it happens to be Holiday fare then you are in for a real treat!

Although traditional dishes are available year-round, they are the rage during the Holiday season so local families as well as restaurants devote special attention to their preparation. Island residents expect these delicacies at all their Holiday events and tourists just can’t get enough of them!p90-cred-bonderenko

Rice with pigeon peas is a must in our Holiday menu, preferably served with our tasty pasteles. Puerto Rican pasteles bear some resemblance to Mexican or Cuban tamales and other foods wrapped in leaves. This gastronomic treat— made with plantain or yucca “dough” wrapped over pieces of pork or chicken and lots of criollo (local) seasonings and then wrapped in a banana leaf—is boiled and served piping hot.

Rice with pigeon peas and pasteles are served with local cuisine’s crown jewel: the incomparable spit-roasted pig. The traditional Puerto Rican cooking method uses two Y-shaped hooks on which a rod holding a whole pig is placed and then cooked for hours over a bed of burning wood, turning the rod at intervals for even roasting.

The pig is seasoned with garlic, salt, oregano, a hint of pepper, and a couple of additional ingredients depending on the family cook’s or restaurant chef’s particular preference. Other seasonal treats include the savory morcillas (fried blood sausage), some of which have a delightful hint of hotness; guineítos en escabeche (pickled green bananas); yucca with local mojo sauce; asopao de gandules (hearty pigeon pea soup); and fritters like meat-filled alcapurrias, codfish-based bacalaítos, and rice flour almojábanas.

Holiday desserts include marzipan and arroz con dulce, which is made with rice, coconut milk, and raisins. Coconut is the main ingredient in other delightful desserts like tembleque and majarete, as well as in our beloved coquito, an eggnog like beverage that is made with coconut milk or cream, condensed and evaporated milks, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and white rum to taste.

p-90-cred-bonderenkoWhat dishes do tourists prefer? “The mofongo [fried green plantain, mashed, and often filled with meat, poultry or seafood], closely followed by all our local fritters,” said Luis Castillo, executive chef at Hotel El Convento, who prepared the mouth-watering dishes showcased in this story. “When it comes to drinks, there’s no denying it… coquito is hugely popular during the Holidays,” he admits, also pointing out that Puerto Rican cuisine is unrivaled because it is well-seasoned but not spicy or hot, which makes it suitable for everyone’s palate.

“Even though many local specialties are associated with the Holiday season our guests always ask for them. Therefore, I combine them with unexpected products at my chef tasting tables. I can prepare a skirt steak with pasteles and an oxtail stew, some cod raviolis with avocado or perhaps pork tenderloin medallions instead of pit-roasted pig,” Castillo adds.

A new generation of chefs is reinterpreting our local dishes, which is precisely what is featured during a weekend-long food festival called Saborea Puerto Rico—to be held on April 7-10 at El Escambrón Beach in San Juan. For more information, go to If you can’t wait then don’t miss Old San Juan’s “SOFO” Culinary Fest (787-723-7080) on December 3-6, when eateries on Fortaleza St. offer special prices on their dishes.

By Laura Nazario

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Puerto Rico is a shopping paradise—a claim confirmed by visiting tourists and residents of nearby Caribbean islands who travel solely to purchase many products here. Our reputation as an excellent shopping destination derives from the fact that in Puerto Rico you will find commercial venues for all tastes and budgets: department stores, exclusive and elegant boutiques, discount stores, specialty shops, and handicrafts stores, among many others.p-114-foto-suministrada

Old San Juan is one of our main shopping areas. Along its streets are many jewelry stores that sell beautiful watches and dazzling jewels that constitute an excellent investment. You will also find charming local handicrafts in many stores, as well as near and along Paseo La Princesa on weekednd and certain holidays. The old city is also home to numerous art galleries, shops selling Puerto Rico souvenirs, and businesses specializing in Caribbean-style clothing, accessories, and colorful decorative items.

Tourists who come to Old San Juan combine shopping with visits to historical monuments and museums as well as with leisurely strolls along the cobblestone streets and colonial squares—while also discovering the delicacies served at the many restaurants and cafes in the area and cooling down with a refreshing piragua (shaved ice covered with tropical fruit syrup). Puerto Rico has a considerable amount of shopping centers. The new and exclusive The Mall of San Juan (787-759-6310, — conveniently located just minutes from the airport, across the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge—is ideal for visitors. This luxurious shopping center is characterized by its selection of top-name retailers and designer boutiques. The mall also has great eateries. Go to the Customer Services counter (located on the first floor) and request a Shopping Passport, a booklet with discount coupons available to people who live more than 50 miles away from the mall.

p-114-pr-tourism-coMany people who come to Puerto Rico don’t miss the chance to go to Plaza Las Américas (787-767-5202,, the largest mall in the Caribbean. Located in Hato Rey and featuring more than 300 shops, this mall offers virtually unlimited shopping and entertainment opportunities as it has department stores, boutiques, specialty shops, a beauty salon, a pharmacy, a supermarket, banks, movie theaters, restaurants, and even a branch of the U.S. post office!

If you want to visit an outlet mall featuring brand discount stores there are two great alternatives: The Outlet at Route 66 (787-256-7040, in the town of Canóvanas on the northeastern part of the island, and Puerto Rico Premium Outlets (787-846-5344, in Barceloneta, located in the northern region. The latter will give you a free VIP Coupon Book when you sign up in their website’s VIP Club section.

For additional information on the many shopping opportunities through our island, go to: You can also check out the list in the Shopping section.