There are many ways to get where you want to go in Puerto Rico. Here are the alternatives:


A bike ride is a great way to appreciate your surroundings. For more information, contact your hotel’s concierge.


The public bus system in the Metro Area consists of 30 fixed routes. The bus service is an inexpensive way to get around with a regular fare of $0.75 per ride, except for Metro Urbano route E20. You can use exact change or the Tren Urbano fare card. Most bus routes operate from Monday to Saturday. Visit for bus routes, frequencies, and operation hours.

Car Rentals

Major car-rental companies can be found at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and in the island’s larger cities. Local companies offer competitive prices and great service.


Puerto Rico has ferry terminals at Pier 2 in Old San Juan, and Cataño, and ferries (passengers and cargo) serving Fajardo, Vieques, and Culebra. For $0.50 per person, you can take a ferry from Old San Juan to Cataño, where you can catch a bus on route D37, a porteador, or a taxi to reach the Bacardí Distillery. One-way tickets per person between Fajardo and Vieques cost $2.00 and to Culebra $2.25. Plan ahead as capacity and departure times are fixed. Cargo and vehicles have additional costs. Call 311 for trip-reservation info and visit for ferry schedules.


You can call a taxi, they’ll take you most anywhere in Puerto Rico. Some routes have fixed rates and some are metered, so be sure to ask.


If the heat or steep hills of Old San Juan get the better of you, the Old San Juan Trolley Tour can save the day—and it’s free of charge. For more information, including stop locations, call 787-721-2400 x 3901, 3902, 3904.


Walking gives you a chance to really take it all in. In Old San Juan, where every nook and cranny is packed with history, a good walk is the best way to appreciate it.

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