The Best Holiday Season of Your Life

Do you want to enjoy a unique holiday season? In your hands you hold, dear reader, the tool that will help you achieve your goal. With this issue of ¡Qué Pasa! you will definitely catch the holiday spirit that always reigns in Puerto Rico —especially at this time of the year. Photos showing all the splendor of our beautiful attractions plus informative stories to help you select destinations filled with merriment are part of this collector’s issue.

This period is also perfect for indulging in our delicious Puerto Rican cuisine. Two renowned chefs recommend dishes and delicacies you must try before returning home. Also, do you like Salsa? Learn more about a specialized musical journey and discover why our island is the capital of this contagious rhythm. And how could it be otherwise, as we love to party all year round!

Enjoy your stay!

Robert Colberg-Orengo